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 Leveling Event

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PostSubject: Leveling Event   Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:00 am

Alright heres how this gose. To start off the new guild ofcorse y not have a event for who ever can get the most/fastest lvls. The event will be based on your skill lvls and base lvls. You will be getting points for every skills/base lvl up.

Here is how the points go.

1 skill lvl in novice equals: 1 points

1 skill lvl in app equals: 2 points

1 skill lvl in reg equals: 3 points

1 skill lvl in exp equals: 4 points

1 skill lvl in A exp equals: 5 points

1 skill lvl in master equals: 6 points

1 skill lvl in A master equals: 7 points

1 skill lvl in g master equals: 8 points

1 skill lvl in comp equals: 9 points

1 skill lvl in tran equals: 10 points

Lvl 20-40 every lvl you get 20 points

Lvl 40-60 Every lvl you get 40 points

Lvl 60-80 Every lvl you get 60 points

Lvl 80+ Every lvl you get 80 points

You must sign up and contact me every day with where your starting and where ur ending EVERY DAY or you points will not be counted

The event will start MONDAY THE 10TH AND END MONDAY THE 24TH. The winner will get eather a pick of a item i have when the event ends or a prize money of 8 million

Sign ups will be on in The PORT LUX part of the forums under the topic Event Sign ups
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Leveling Event
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